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More About Skippy’s Fresh Produce and Juice bar

At Skippy’s we strive to supply the best fresh produce, delicious deli and speciality products all at competitive prices. We have weekly specials and incentives to look out for and aim to provide the quality and variety that our customers come to expect.

We offer a difference from the corporate supermarkets and pride ourselves on our products sourced mainly from local businesses like ours.

Our Juice Bar offers a point of difference to the usual fast food options by offering healthy fresh fast food at reasonable prices utilizing our extensive range of products onsite and delicious fresh juices and healthy smoothies that are ever evolving with the input of our valued customers.  Now we are opened at two locations.

Fresh Produce store Skippy, wide range of fresh fruits and healthy fast food

So, come on in and meet the friendly team and Eat Fresh, Eat Healthy and Buy Local at Skippy’s.

Your health is our pleasure!

How it all began…

Skippy’s Fresh Frootz is a local family owned and operated business founded in 2018 by Sam Eletri & Chris Tonks-Foote. Sam and Chris have been friends for many years originally meeting through their kids playing sports in the Redlands as youngsters. After many years of talking about a joint venture, in early 2018 a lifelong opportunity was realized to start an exciting new business together at our current location, so with a lot of hard work and planning the dream was finally achieved.

Skippy’s Fresh Frootz, the brand, was dreamt up by Chris and Sam after agreeing that the name needed to stand out from the crowd and mean something to them.

‘Skippy’ is Sam’s nickname for Chris and Habibi is Chris’ nickname for Sam. Habibi means dear friend in Lebanese, which is Sam’s heritage & Skippy being as Aussie you can get, and a colloquial Lebanese nickname for Anglo Saxon background Aussies in general. ‘Fresh’ speaks for itself being what we strive for daily. ‘Frootz’ incorporates Sam’s own successful brand.

So, there you have it, no marketing gimmick just a genuine partnership forged on a genuine local multicultural friendship. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

A history of friendship & experience

Sam has worked in the produce industry all his working life with over 30 years of experience in fruit & vegetable shops and the markets. Originally growing up in Sydney and plying his trade at the largest produce market operation in Australia, Flemington Markets, Sam was lured to live and work in Queensland by the enigmatic Sam Coco who at the time owned some eight Coco’s Fresh stores in South East Queensland. Sam became Coco’s Manager for all the stores for eight years. Sam and his young family decided to settle in the beautiful Redlands, enjoying the unique bayside lifestyle. In 1999, Sam took the plunge and opened his own shop at Victoria Point, “Frootz” which was very successful and where we derive part of our name. Sam sold the business in 2009. After a short break and a successful farming venture, he was lured back to work as General Manager and Chief buyer for one of the larger supermarket chains and then went on to manage a group of large successful fruit & vegetable conglomerates.

Sam due to his extensive experience, huge network of suppliers and relationships forged over many years, has the advantage of buying the best quality produce at competitive prices and hence is able to ensure Skippy’s brand is always upheld to our highest expectations. Sam is at the Brisbane markets tasting, testing, negotiating, and buying our fresh produce every day, supporting our local producers and farmers as much as we possibly can, season allowing.

Chris is new to the industry but brings many years of successful business and marketing experience to the venture. Chris has also lived and breathed the Redlands and South East Queensland for over 30 years. His work ethic is second to none and his zest for exciting new opportunities and ideas is infectious. Together the partners are planning big initiatives and customer driven loyalty incentives as well as the wholesale branch of Skippy’s supplying and delivering to our wonderful array of local restaurants, clubs, schools, and charitable organisations.

Skippy’s Fresh Frootz & Juice Bar

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Wholesale Orders

For wholesale enquiries and orders, please email us. For updates or changes to pre-existing orders, use the phone number here.